Layers is the most advanced natural media painting application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Built on the feedback of hundreds of mobile artists, Layers packs in everything you need to be creative on the go.

Layers is currently in beta.

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Layers brings you... layers!

Add up to five layers to your drawing, and open up a whole new creative space. You can drop in a picture layer and use the eraser tool to selectively reveal the layer beneath, or create several transparent layers and draw in seprate elements of your image. You can duplicate layers, merge down, and more.

Photoshop Compatible

Export your drawing as an Adobe Photoshop file (PSD) and your layers are preserved. Want even more? Download the Layers Desktop Replayer and save your drawings as QuickTime movies, too.

Best brushes in the business.

Layers comes standard with 8 natural media brushes, and you can add more brush packs as they become available using the Layers Desktop Replayer!

Undo Everything.

Layers takes undo seriously. It's generous 20-level undo history is saved when you stop working, and you can undo (and redo) every change you make.

Full color. Full transparency.

The Layers color picker gives you easy access to a full range of colors. You can paint semi-transparent strokes and the eraser tool can be semi-transparent, too. An intuitive color picker allows you to grab any color in your existing drawing.